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Forget Home: The iPhone becomes more social without Facebook

[repostus jump=4 hash=7cae8b6a69f988f66a5fbe4316a601ba title=Forget+Home%3A+The+iPhone+becomes+more+social+without+Facebook host=Pando+Daily short=1GRJS snip=By+Nathaniel+Mott+On+June+14%2C+2013Facebook+has+spent+much+of+the+last+few+months+trying+to+convince+you+that+the+iPhone+isn%E2%80%99t+a+truly+%E2%80%9Csocial%E2%80%9D+device%2C+largely+because+its+homescreen+is+dominated+by+applications+instead+of+your+friends%E2%80%99+status+updates%2C+photos%2C+and+disembodied+heads%E2%80%A6+er%2C+profile%26hellip%3B thumb=6023915]


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