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What You Need to Know About New iOS7 Features

[repostus jump=4 hash=76db1aec4fa683890a775743f92d3d1d title=What+You+Need+to+Know+About+New+iOS7+Features short=1GHy9 snip=iOS7+is+Apple%E2%80%99s+latest+and+greatest+operating+system+for+the+iPhone+and+iPad.+Debuted+at+WWDC+2013%2C+the+platform+was+the+greatest+leap+in+the+software%E2%80%99s+history+since+being+released+on+the+original+iPhone+back+in+2007.+The+design+of+iOS7+bears+little+resemblance+to+past+versions+and+has+numerous%26hellip%3B thumb=5984502]



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