‘Minecraft’ Is Getting a Massive Update On PlayStation and Xbox — Tech – TIME

With all this talk about updates to Minecraft‘s Java, Windows and Pocket Edition versions, what about the consoles, currently missing a slew of coveted PC version features? Microsoft just unveiled a trove of new elements — some long-awaited, others bolt-from-the-blue — designed to shore up the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the company’s freeform builder…

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Forget Not Talking. We Don’t Read Anymore (Like We Used To Do)

tldrIt’s very disheartening to see very few people actually reading these days. People’s attention spans are so short they couldn’t even read through a 5-minute article anymore. It’s like you automatically have to write tl;dr:’s if you intend to churn out a paragraph of decent length.

I mean sure, we all know how a picture is “worth a thousand words” ergo a video is probably worth a bajillion words, but I’m pretty sure people who don’t read not for lack of time or energy but simply for lack of motivation and a sense of value in how they consume written word is most likely missing out on the joys of literature.

And I don’t even mean classic literature. Even daily prose can be filled with awe-inspiring content that may well feed one’s mind, heart and soul.

But I guess there’s no going back. Nostalgia is a sad beeyotch.

Oh and before I forget: tl;dr: Just a random rant about how lazy (read: non) readers people have become.

Kailijumei Flower Lipstick | Facebook Live Unboxing Review

Kailijumei Flower Lipstick | Facebook Live Unboxing Review

Hey guys! I just got my hands on these Kailijumei Flower Lipsticks I ordered from my supplier and I was super excited to open and try it. I’ve been looking for these here in the Philippines but I’ve never managed to find them here so I decided to source them out myself and sell them to others like me who want to try this.

Kailijumei Flower Lipstick | Facebook Live Unboxing Review | where to buy Philippines
Kailijumei Flower Lipstick

I only have 50 pieces of these Kailijumei Flower Lipsticks available on WhateverBuys.com so go get yours now before they run out! 

Get it here –>>  http://whateverbuys.com/products/kailijumei-transparent-temperature-color-mood-changing-jelly-lipstick-lip-gloss-lip-balm?variant=27282589960

Want to save 20%? Use coupon code: “20THANKS” at checkout

I’ve also included the Facebook Live Unboxing Review here below:

NEW ALBUM out! “Music Machines Miracles” by HeyRJ (RJ Marmol) – Listen for FREE on Spotify!

Hey everyone! How’s it going? This blog has been quiet for a while, I know. I’ve been “thinking too much” which is not something a writer should so compulsively if he/she wants to ever put out something, right? That’s what happened.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released an album (in the midst of all that thinking — and I’m still thinking..) I’ve embedded the Spotify playlist here.

Listen to my newly-released “Music Machines Miracles” album for FREE on SPOTIFY! Now available on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play Music/Apple Music/Amazon Prime Music. Thirty (30) cover songs ranging from Pop/Indie/Rap/RNB/Acoustic/Rock/Alternative/EDM. Share and listen with your friends! Go on over to iTunes and leave a review — I would appreciate it! <3


Raspberry Pi gets an 8-megapixel Sony camera upgrade

Although the Raspberry Pi has undergone numerous refreshes since it launched three years ago, its first official accessory — a 5-megapixel Omnivision camer

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Tilt, the social payments app for millennials, launches in Australia

Cash free campuses.

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