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Would Phablets and Cheap iPhones Ruin Apple?

[repostus jump=4 hash=5cbe43fcd0e524d701124e584ba0e8c4 title=Would+Phablets+and+Cheap+iPhones+Ruin+Apple%3F host=slashdot short=1GJvA snip=Apple+could+be+entering+the+so-called+%E2%80%9Cphablet%E2%80%9D+game.+According+to+Reuters%2C+the+company+is+considering+whether+to+build+iPhones+with+larger+screens%2C+including+a+5.7-inch+model.+The+newswire+cited+four+unnamed+people+%E2%80%9Cwith+knowledge+of+the+matter%E2%80%9D+for+its+information%2C+but+emphasized+that+such%26hellip%3B thumb=5991937]


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