Why Advertise Here?

There are many websites out there, so many in fact that you don’t even know where to begin. Why not begin here on RJMarmol.com? The writing may be far from phenomenal but it’s real and transparent. And the quality of service? Superb. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it today.

Aside from RJMarmol.wordpress.com (RJMarmol.com) being a Google PR3 website, advertorial posts are backed with a Google PR4 (Page Rank 4) Twitter account and broadcasted to all major social networking platforms and then some.

In the real world, the first thing people do whenever they have questions about practically anything is to turn to Google. They want to know if this or that item is a good buy, if this or that service is worth the long drive. They want to know where you are and how to reach you.

The question is, when your customers go looking for your brand, will they find you? And when they do, will they like what they find? Think about that. In fact, think long and hard. Go ahead, take your time. I have all day. :)

If you’re ready to advertise, click here.


Let me know what you think... :)

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