Spotify readies to launch video

Spotify said Monday it will imminently launch video content as the music streaming leader seeks ways to build an audience in the increasingly competitive sector.

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While it’s definitely a move towards maximizing and expanding their reach and appeal, for a regular user, I find it a little too much. I mean if I wanted video, I wouldn’t be on Spotify 24/7 and pay for Premium — I’d do on YouTube or elsewhere. But it’s the ease of use and the whole invisibility of the service plus the fact that it doesn’t require too much of my already constantly distracted attention, that makes me stick with Spotify — along with the Discover Weekly feature which I love. Video is just too distracting for an audiophile like myself. But I guess change is inevitable and they want to cover as much ground as possible so good on them. Would I leave Spotify or downgrade to free? I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

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