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There’s No Better Time to be Single Than Here and Now

When people talk about being single — as in the civil status (yes, can you believe I’m actually talking about this now? Haha) — it’s almost always mired with some sort of negativity. Too picky. Too busy. Too complicated. Too “realist” — for lack of a better term. Single people have the hardest time enjoying family gatherings if only for the fact that it almost feels like it’s just another occasion meant for grilling them with “why are you still single?” questions like it’s some sort of a crime to be one.

Gone are those days. Well, not really. But we’re getting there.

Thanks to social media hedonism in the form of me, me, me — “I’mma let myself indulge in that sinful cake… but first lemme take a selfie!” or “I’mma let myself enjoy this rocking concert… but first lemme take a selfie!” or “I’mma let myself bask in the warmth of the glowing sun in this beach paradise… but first lemme take a selfie!” — singlehood has been regarded as another annoying Facebook feed along with “Please like this page” and “like this cute baby picture” for this “so and so online photo contest”.

It’s so wonderful and perfect that it’s almost unreal! Single people having the time of their lives and not giving a care about what others think — this is the prevailing mindset of a typical single of the social media era. To stop caring about what others think and start doing what actually makes them happy and what makes their being “single” an asset and not a liability. That’s singlehood empowerment at work.

And what better way to showcase singlehood than in the form of retail therapy? Why, is there a better way to show the world that while everyone else is scrambling to get a diaper coupon, you are reserving airline tickets and accommodations on Airbnb?

That is not to say though that singles these days aren’t savvy shopper, oh no sir! Au contraire, they’re actually savvier than ever! They’ve got money to spend and the time to actually do it and be there, so they use it to their advantage. It’s not surprising then, that there now exists, for you uninformed folks out there — a Singles’ Day celebration. It’s like Valentine’s Day but for singles only. :)

However, like any good ‘ol holiday conceived with the best intentions, it eventually became commercialized and has now evolved into one giant shopping event (not that it’s a bad thing, of course) that many singles look forward to.

Singles' Day 2014 Online Sales
Singles’ Day 2014 Online Sales

These days, Singles’ Day is known as an online shopping event set on November 11 (11/11) where most e-commerce sites participate with huge deals and discounts. “Singles” as it relates to the date refers to the 1’s — meaning “singles”.

So yes, all #blessed #singles #atm — don’t miss out on this awesome event to show the world that while #happiness may mean different things to different people, you’re not afraid to seek and find it in the littlest and most mundane of things if you must!

After all, online and offline stores the world over are not afraid to capitalize on this annual event just the same, so why not exercise your right to shop, eh? Alibaba and many other online stores offer big discounts during this time. Over here, you gotta watch out for ZALORA’s special deals and discounts this coming November 11 for Singles’ Day! (And yes, just like anything else these days, they also have an app you might want to download. I actually used it and it’s seamless and user-friendly).

Retail therapy is always a win-win, as long as you don’t spend more than you earn (*wink*) and hopefully, along with the glam and fun, you come across that special someone — the “only one” for you — and then get married, be happy #everafter , have babies, post “Please like this baby picture” for this “so and so online photo contest” and start collecting diaper coupons and keep living a #blessed life.

But until then, keep snapping those insanely perfect selfies of wining and dining and “Airbnb-ing” and shop to your heart’s content because in the end, real #happiness is all about choices. #HappySinglesDay :)


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