RJ and Io Marmol iPhone 5 Unboxing Video
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This is it! iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review Video

The iPhone 5 is here. Here’s the unboxing/review video we promised on this blog, RJMarmol.com iPhone App News and Reviews. Comparison video review of the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 4S (whether it’s worth the upgrade for a current 4S owner or if you should wait for the 5S/6) will follow in the coming days. This is an unbox/ first-look video so don’t expect technical assessments. I’ll publish a more in-depth review once I get to play with the iPhone 5 for a week or so. Come back soon for that review! :)

RJ and Io Marmol iPhone 5 Unboxing Video
RJ and Io Marmol iPhone 5 Unboxing Video

“Little boy Io and Mama RJ unbox the iPhone 5, officially released in the Philippines December 14, 2012 and shipped starting January 2, 2013. We got ours the day after, January3. The iPhone 5 wasn’t announced at Apple WWDC 2012 last summer but instead made its debut last September 2012 and shipped towards the end of the same month.  It didn’t (officially) reach the Philippines until 3 months after, about the same waiting time as the 4S which was released October 2011 in the US and got here December 2011. In this video, we take a first look, first impression review of the iPhone 5.”

iPhone 5 Unboxing Part 1/2: RJMarmol.com 

iPhone 5 Unboxing Part 2/2: RJMarmol.com 


3 thoughts on “This is it! iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review Video”

  1. thanks for sharing this sis you have a cute little buddy there… maybe guys want to see the price of iphone 5 in the market here in the Philippines you can check here http://www.save22.com.ph/p/smart-phones-apple-iphone-5-32gb-2012-11-13-094355079004/
    More power to your :)


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