Movies 5 Reasons Why “The Dark Knight” of Philippine online shopping gets mistaken for “Bane” @LazadaPH 5 Reasons Why “The Dark Knight” of Philippine online shopping gets mistaken for “Bane”

Note: This is a thank you/movie review/brand perception mash-up post about’s “The Dark Knight Rises” block screening at Cinema 2 of the SM Mall of Asia last night, July 19, 2012.

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Lazada Philippines at the Movies: The Dark Knight Rises

Thursday night, July 19th 2012, almost felt like it was Friday with the successful turn up of events during Lazada Philippines’ premiere screening of the third and last installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises. Before the main event, Lazada has set up a booth and gave away branded tumblers, eco bags, umbrellas and P200-worth of Gift Vouchers to use on the Lazada Philippines website,, to lucky movie-goers who signed up for their newsletter and liked their page on Facebook,
SM Mall of Asia Cinema 2 was packed with top bloggers, celebrities, media, and employees despite the weather by 8:00pm. Among the attendees were actor Chuckie Dreyfus; Ms. Philippines-Earth 2012, Stephany Stefanowitz; Love Radio DJs, Kristine Dera and Diego Bandido; tech bloggers Abe Olandres of Yugatech, Kiven Codamon and Lia Espina Lopez; and lifestyle bloggers Lissa Kahayon, Farah Ramos and Tracy Ayson. But the valued customers were the real stars of the night, they were given reserved VIP seating and Lazada gift bags at the end of the movie. is the biggest online shopping mall in the Philippines. With a wide variety of categories including Books, Electronics, Phones & Accessories, Computers, Home & Living, Hardware, Home Appliances, Toys, Kids & Babies, Travel & Luggage, Beauty, Jewelry & Watches, and Sports. They carry the top searched-for brands making it convenient for everyone to shop for anything and everything in the comfort of their own homes. Lazada offers cash on delivery, free nationwide shipping and 14 days free return. Its parent company, Germany-based Rocket Internet, is the second largest e-commerce company worldwide with ventures all over South East Asia and the rest of the world.
Find out more about LAZADA Philippines by checking their website Interact with them by liking them on Facebook (, following them on Twitter (, and browsing the web for all their other social media sites.

The Dark Knight Banner on
The Lazada Philippines booth outside Cinema 2 of SM Mall of Asia.
Yeoh Egwaras of Yeoh Models; Model Farah Ramos; Ms Philippines – Earth 2012 Stephany Stefanowitz and friend.

The Dark Knight Rises

Disclosure: This blogger has been contacted by (Twitter: @LazadaPH) through email and was delightfully offered free tickets to the movie under no obligation to write a blog post, hence no compensation in any form was offered nor received.

Scroll down for photos taken during the actual screening night.

Photo Credit: John Heller/ZUMA Press/Newscom

As a Batman and Christian Bale fan (ever since “Equilibirum” and “The Machinist”) and former owner of an online store myself back in 2008, I’m just glad I can merge these two worlds and not lose my mind. But before I play with your brain Inception-style, let me just say I’ve waited so long to see e-commerce/online shopping take-off like this in the Philippines. The number of people shopping online today is astounding as opposed to years past.

Sure, there was Multiply, Ebay, Sulit, and online versions of the brick-and-mortar stores we have here (National Bookstore comes to mind, Ayala Malls, etc), but none offered as much payment flexibility and delivery coverage/options as the one “promises” — and yes, that is in quotes for a reason — which I will let you know in a while. Stay with me.

Truth be told, even as I’m an avid online shopper myself (purchases ranging from books to toys to gadgets and clothes to flowers and even food), I have *yet* to try buying from Lazada.  Yes, I’ve signed up and browsed through an assortment of products but I haven’t bought a thing. That is not to say I don’t have a wish list there, by the way — because I have. That “A Song of Fire and Ice” boxed set looks very delicious, if I may say so. :)  (Edit: Just bought a Creative speaker this morning to test their service. See Tweet below) .

Just bought these Creative speakers from @LazadaPH. Will blog about the online shopping experience.

— RJ Marmol (@RJMarmol) July 21, 2012

However, if you’re as diligent as me, you might have found enough disturbing stories online about dissatisfied customers reporting /blogging about their bad experiences with But probably none of them as bad as my previous experience with Groupon ( Philippines — which I never bothered to blog about because, honestly I don’t like stressing myself too much.

You had to wait over a week for your purchase to arrive, you say? Man, I had to wait over 8 months for a credit-back for an undelivered purchase!

But I waited anyway. And what’s more, it didn’t deter me from buying from them again. I actually bought 3 more items on different occasions and never had a problem since. 5 Reasons Why “The Dark Knight” of Philippine online shopping gets mistaken for “Bane”

1. First impressions – Bane looks odd and tech-loaded. (and so does The Dark Knight)

Most people are technophobic. You look at Bane and you see nothing but that thing-a-majig he has on his head and mouth and you immediately run for the woods. You’d rather be eaten by a bear than confront this monstrosity of gadgetry. The Dark Knight is as eerie as eerie gets too. If you ever run into The Batman on a cold, damp night you’d probably freeze with primal fear so much that you couldn’t even pick up your jaw from the sidewalk.
Eerie-techie-looking = bad, bad omen. But try getting to know both of them and you’d be surprised that these guys aren’t defined by their looks. If you get past the intimidation their fashion statement elicits, you’d be kinder — maybe even become a fan.

2. Trust issues – “His only mistake was that he loved me.” – Miranda on Bane. (and so did Batman).

These days, we can’t seem to trust anybody. The least suspect almost always turns out to be the traitor. Like Gothamites, we feel a sense of entitlement to be saved at all costs and our hero mustn’t fail us at any time. And when they do — as they eventually will, we spring to our high chairs, play judge and ignore all pleas for second chances.
What we fail to realize is that at the heart of all heroism and sacrifice is a mortal — fragile and subject to make mistakes. Heroes will fail us, time and again. But it shouldn’t stop us from trusting that deep within that hard shell is a heart that beats because of a defined conviction.

3. Fear of the misunderstood – Why does Bane hate Gotham so much? (And why does Batman love Gotham so much that he became a recluse, appearing as though he doesn’t care?)

As humans, we fear what we don’t understand. We’d rather use our energy to hate immensely than to love effortlessly by simply trying to understand things — what they are, how they are, how they came to be and what brought them here.

4. Vague intentions – What will Bane gain if he destroys Gotham city? (And what will Batman gain in saving the city that he loves if he dies anyway? Doesn’t his very existence keep the city alive and protected? Why?)

When intentions aren’t clearly stated, we tend to make safe guesses. We either underestimate or overestimate based on our biases. Bane is bad therefore no motivation would justify such a despicable act. Batman is good so dying for Gotham is all but unexpected.

5. Too good to be true – Bane can’t be some kind of savior, can he? Batman can’t be all that consumed about saving Gotham that he’d die for his city in a heartbeat.

Believe it or not, the bad ones are outnumbered by the good ones. This world is filled with many good people who have pure intentions.

While many say that if something is too good to be true, then it must be, some things just are true. You plug it in and it works. No frills. No smoke-and-mirrors. It just works.

I don’t write this to defend or blame anyone, rather to encourage everyone to not lose heart on the merits of online shopping here in the Philippines. Because as much as it’s frightening to the uninitiated, it is very promising and viable form of commerce that must be ultimately accepted if not embraced wholeheartedly by consumers and business people alike.

So there you have it. Your 5 reasons. How does that relate to being the “Dark Knight” of online shopping mistaken for Bane? I leave that for you to think about. It’s your time you rise from the pit of skepticism about online shopping. It’s possible. It’s here. “DESHAY!!! BASARA!!!”






Many thanks to Monique Espino of for the invite. She’s been very kind and accommodating to the point of giving my little Batman fan an extra ticket so we can watch as a family. So pleased to see and thank her in person. Special thanks to my Twitter friend Joey Alarilla, Social Media Manager of for the warm welcome when we got to the cinema all wet and cold. MOA’s a long drive from Calamba but it was well worth it. :)



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