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Snap2PDF: Convert Your Documents to PDF In A Snap! [REVIEW] #app #review #iphone

This is a review of Snap2PDF — an iPhone app that scans (takes a snap) of your documents and converts them as convenient PDF files for easy view, storage or transfer. It’s your own portable scanner.


If you’re stuck behind a desk holding a mountain load of files you can’t organize for some reason — you know, those random “important” files you just can’t classify right now but can’t throw away either because you just might need it in the future, have I got the iPhone app for you! :)

Snap2PDF puts order in that pile of chaos you call your “files”. Whether it be in the home or office, no longer should you need to suffer in silence. You now live in a world of apps, of unlimited possibilities of fixing everything from the mundane to the charitable so quit whining and take action! :)

How does Snap2PDF work?


As simple as its name implies, all you have to do is snap a photo of your “paper” document, and like magic, Snap2PDF will convert it to a PDF file, after which you can do whatever it is you desire — store, email, send to DropBox, etc. And as a bonus feature, it also comes with OCR (optical character recognition) for search.


Snap2PDF features mentioned on the Apple App Store include:

– Effortless scanning and management
of multi-page documents
– Speedy data transfer to searchable PDF files
– Smart recognition of text in 21 languages
– Easy document search
– Convenient file management
– Special image enhancing feature
– Handy anti-shake function
– Simple upload of files to Cloud storage such as Dropbox
– Quick sharing of documents through email
– Innovative functions like Image rectification and Gamma correction

This app does the job of organizing your whiteboards, receipts, business cards, magazine articles, posters, print outs, coupons and newspaper clippings. Scanning multi-page documents can now be done continuously, with no waiting whatsoever.

You can search for scanned PDF files by keywords, document name, description and OCR text.



Snap2PDF recognizes text in 21 languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish.

Other features:

1. You can create categories and groups; add document description and keywords.





2. It has an image enhancing function that provides additional clarity and eliminates data recognition issues.


3. It has an anti-shake feature.
4. Allows rotation of scanned images.



5. Supports file upload to Cloud storage and email.


Price: $1.99


Fast. Never buggy. Very reliable. OCR search.

Don’t like:
This is actually more of a recommendation than a “don’t like” but I’ll mention it anyway: For the price of $1.99 and since they support OCR, I wish they integrated document image-to-text conversion. If you can export extracted text to email or Evernote, that would be awesome. That would make this a killer app — something like Snap2PDF2TXT. :)

Final Verdict: Snap2PDF is an indispensable app for home or office. Definitely app-laudable!


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