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On CES 2017: Wearables are so 2015. The future of tech is voice recognition. (AUDIO blog)

On CES 2017: Wearables are so 2015. The future of tech is voice recognition. (AUDIO blog)

For today, I’ll be sharing a discussion I’ve had with friends on the Anchor app about the future of tech, audio, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home etc., and the part that Anchor plays (or would want to play on all of this.

Credit goes out to all the “Wavers” who participated/about to participate. I’ll keep this list updated as the wave gets updated.

Contributors: @PokerMan | @DewuanAndOnly | Bernie Goldbach @topgold

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Facebook Live Notification Just Became Intrusive: Live Video now pops-up and autoplays while you browse your feed

Facebook Live Notification Just Became Intrusive: Live Video now pops-up and autoplays while you browse your feed (because OMG one of your friend is livestreaming and it immediately becomes the most important thing in the world at that moment!

Facebook probably thinks that checking these videos in our own time is a luxury we no longer deserve these days! Ugh.

Look, I’m all for notifications. I get that. Video is live. It’s a Facebook friend. But don’t push it too hard on me. Notifying me via a pop-up banner is enough. You don’t need to play the video in my face while I’m doing other things.

Plus, who’s to say that crazy people won’t abuse this? Who’s to stop someone from doing something offensive or insensitive or inappropriate via Facebook Live video? And I don’t even have a say whether I see it or not because Facebook shoves it in my face like I don’t have freewill or something. What is the purpose of the autoplay anyway? To jack up video count/plays? Whatever their reason, I don’t like it — and this is coming from someone who’s been on Facebook for a long time yet never really joined the “I hate Facebook, I’m quitting Facebook” bandwagon. I’ve been pretty flexible, adaptable and tolerant with all the changes that happened over the years but this one is just too much.

Has this ever happened to you or is it just me? If this hasn’t happened to you, could it be a bug/isolated and temporary issue that I just happened to come across?

Let me know in the comments.


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Facebook Free for Globe/TM Subscribers Until January 25, 2014; Twitter Free for Sun Subscribers

Access to Facebook for Globe/TM subscribers will be FREE until January 25, 2014. This is true whether Facebook is accessed through on a smartphone browser or through an app.

Meanwhile, access to Twitter becomes FREE for Sun subscribers. See images below. Please check your corresponding network’s website for more details.





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What Important Thing/Activity Would You Give Up Before Your Smartphone?

Which Things Attract In Smartphones?

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupon code) and RJMarmol

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Forget Home: The iPhone becomes more social without Facebook

[repostus jump=4 hash=7cae8b6a69f988f66a5fbe4316a601ba title=Forget+Home%3A+The+iPhone+becomes+more+social+without+Facebook host=Pando+Daily short=1GRJS snip=By+Nathaniel+Mott+On+June+14%2C+2013Facebook+has+spent+much+of+the+last+few+months+trying+to+convince+you+that+the+iPhone+isn%E2%80%99t+a+truly+%E2%80%9Csocial%E2%80%9D+device%2C+largely+because+its+homescreen+is+dominated+by+applications+instead+of+your+friends%E2%80%99+status+updates%2C+photos%2C+and+disembodied+heads%E2%80%A6+er%2C+profile%26hellip%3B thumb=6023915]

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Are you a snap-happy car mod junkie? @CarCrazeeApp iOS App was made for you!

They are everywhere — these snap-happy car mod junkies who can’t stop talking about cars. They’ve been here ever since the invention of the camera and they would be around for many, many years to come. The technology may change along with the colors, sizes and mod specs that make up the wild imaginings of their brains but the passion for taking snapshots of their masterpiece (or even of someone else’s) will probably never change, much less cease.

And in this crazy world of car customization, aren’t we all glad that there is an app for them? Yep, there is! Oh what a relief that the moment your near and dear starts chatting about this so and so model and make, mag sizes, paint jobs and turbo-charging, you can just throw them an iOS device loaded with this app and off they’d go to leave you in peace. :)

Car Crazee iOS app

Car Crazee, from Crazee Apps Inc. and App Labs Digital Studios Inc. is that app. You can even call it the Instagram of car enthusiasts. Ah yes, that’s a fitting comparison.

What does it do? It does what Instagram does but not in an overly cheesy sort of way. After all, cars are anything but cheesy.

In 2 words, Car Crazee is a social network (for cars and car fans, that is!) The core functions are similar with any other photo-sharing app. You create a profile, upload photos of your car or of those you’ve spotted — you know, the kind that makes you say hot damn! and voila, you’re in! Since it’s a social network, you can follow and unfollow people, stalk their pages and like their car photos.

Features include of course the social aspect (Facebook and Twitter sharing), news feed (auto industry-related news), search feature (by brand, model, location, user, etc) and photo-flagging (spam/inappropriate photo reporting tool accessible throughout the app).

Car Crazee App SnapsI’ve downloaded the app and tried it last night. Check out app review video below.

Car Crazee is a FREE download on the app store and is a universal app for the iPhone and iPad compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

App Recommendations:

1. Increase log-in time-out. It sucks to have to sign-in each time I open the app.

2. I wish there were DIY/tips describing how the mod was done for those interested to replicate it on their own cars. I also wish there’s an “Events” tab for car show schedules because if there was one, it’s not showing up for me.

3. Search is slow/unreliable/faulty. Returns null values most times. App freezes and hangs so I hope it gets fixed soon. It looks like the app hasn’t been optimized for the iPhone 5 yet because it doesn’t fill the top and bottom part of the screen. It’s just version 1.0 so I look forward to an update soon. App Rating: 3.5/5 Apples (It’s a recommended download but it could be better.)

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Ensuring Dynamic Communication Experience through @Chatwing Chat Widget

To have a chat tool in a blog means that you are really nurturing the ‘health’ of your blogging experience. The chat tool acts like some sort of a vacuum that attracts visitors regularly. However, there are also many factors affecting the way websites attract visitors. One of these common factors is web content. If the content of a website is poor, visitors won’t spend time exploring it. After hours of continuous searching, I discovered a simple chat application that can be embedded to blogs and websites. I almost thought that this app is the same with other chat boxes all over the Internet. My assumption proved me wrong.



Chatwing is Dynamic

The Chatwing chatbox can be used for almost all niches that I can imagine. For example: if I have a blog that discusses alien conspiracies, the chatroom tool can help visitors relay their important questions. I can answer those questions in real-time. The visitors don’t need to wait for daily posts to have answers for their questions. It doesn’t matter what your blog is all about—the Chatwing app can provide a clear solution to your communication woes.

Chatwing is a Professional Marketing Tool

Let’s face it: online marketing is now a very important activity for any blog, website, or business. Without online presence, a business will lose potential clients along the way. There are many online marketing methods available in the Internet today. Most of these methods are paid, but they offer very little advantages. At other instances, these methods will eat up a large chunk of your time. So, why should you waste your time and money on something that is not productive at all? Chatwing, indubitably, is free and can be installed in mere seconds. After installation, you can edit the appearance of the chat app tool. Colors and sizes can be selected freely. I also enjoyed tinkering with the tool’s selection of background images.

Chatwing is Entertainment

Using the Chatwing chatbox creates a flare of excitement all the time. I can change the overall appearance of my chatbox, according to my mood or new content of my site. As a bonus, I can also add a MP3 song link. The song will always set up the mood of the chatroom and my visitors will always return if they are enticed properly.

With these simple characteristics, I can say that the Chatwing chat software can reach far. More web users will realize its importance and they can use the application to reach various online goals.
Find Chatwing on the web @