Facebook Live Audio is almost here. Pretty soon you will be able to livestream AUDIO-only like a radio station

Can’t wait to use this feature and see how this affects the future of radio, audio blogging apps like ZCast, Anchor and Bubbly and if indeed the future of tech is in voice all along.

It’s under beta testing and expected to roll out publicly early 2017.

By: Shirley Ip, Product Specialist, and Bhavana Radhakrishnan, Software Engineer As we continue to improve the Facebook Live experience, we’ve been listening to feedback to inform the new tools and features we build. One thing we’ve heard is that partners want new formats for going live. We announced Live 360 last week, and today we’re […]

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A Blog Post A Day Keep The Procrastination At Bay: Blogging Goals 2017

blogging cat.png

Today, January 1. 2017 — I commit to blogging consistently daily for 365 days. So let it be blogged, so let it be done.

Forget Not Talking. We Don’t Read Anymore (Like We Used To Do)

tldrIt’s very disheartening to see very few people actually reading these days. People’s attention spans are so short they couldn’t even read through a 5-minute article anymore. It’s like you automatically have to write tl;dr:’s if you intend to churn out a paragraph of decent length.

I mean sure, we all know how a picture is “worth a thousand words” ergo a video is probably worth a bajillion words, but I’m pretty sure people who don’t read not for lack of time or energy but simply for lack of motivation and a sense of value in how they consume written word is most likely missing out on the joys of literature.

And I don’t even mean classic literature. Even daily prose can be filled with awe-inspiring content that may well feed one’s mind, heart and soul.

But I guess there’s no going back. Nostalgia is a sad beeyotch.

Oh and before I forget: tl;dr: Just a random rant about how lazy (read: non) readers people have become.

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: Are you willing to write advertorial posts on your own blog/website for $80-$100USD per post?

ATTENTION BLOGGERS: Are you willing to write advertorial posts on your own blog/website for $80-$100USD per post/year paid through PayPal? Please comment here with your site URL and email to submit your site for technical assessment and pricing. ALL BLOGS/WEBSITES WELCOME FOR ASSESSMENT. Please pass on to your blogger friends. Email rjmarmol[at]gmail.com for questions.


Ensuring Dynamic Communication Experience through @Chatwing Chat Widget

To have a chat tool in a blog means that you are really nurturing the ‘health’ of your blogging experience. The chat tool acts like some sort of a vacuum that attracts visitors regularly. However, there are also many factors affecting the way websites attract visitors. One of these common factors is web content. If the content of a website is poor, visitors won’t spend time exploring it. After hours of continuous searching, I discovered a simple chat application that can be embedded to blogs and websites. I almost thought that this app is the same with other chat boxes all over the Internet. My assumption proved me wrong.



Chatwing is Dynamic

The Chatwing chatbox can be used for almost all niches that I can imagine. For example: if I have a blog that discusses alien conspiracies, the chatroom tool can help visitors relay their important questions. I can answer those questions in real-time. The visitors don’t need to wait for daily posts to have answers for their questions. It doesn’t matter what your blog is all about—the Chatwing app can provide a clear solution to your communication woes.

Chatwing is a Professional Marketing Tool

Let’s face it: online marketing is now a very important activity for any blog, website, or business. Without online presence, a business will lose potential clients along the way. There are many online marketing methods available in the Internet today. Most of these methods are paid, but they offer very little advantages. At other instances, these methods will eat up a large chunk of your time. So, why should you waste your time and money on something that is not productive at all? Chatwing, indubitably, is free and can be installed in mere seconds. After installation, you can edit the appearance of the chat app tool. Colors and sizes can be selected freely. I also enjoyed tinkering with the tool’s selection of background images.

Chatwing is Entertainment

Using the Chatwing chatbox creates a flare of excitement all the time. I can change the overall appearance of my chatbox, according to my mood or new content of my site. As a bonus, I can also add a MP3 song link. The song will always set up the mood of the chatroom and my visitors will always return if they are enticed properly.

With these simple characteristics, I can say that the Chatwing chat software can reach far. More web users will realize its importance and they can use the application to reach various online goals.
Find Chatwing on the web @ http://chatwing.com